Sunday, September 14, 2008

The workshop

It's five pm on a weekday, and your palms are already greasy, your shirt sleeves rolled up, forehead (ample area there) glistening with sweat, as you wrestle with the spanner to tighten that one last nut that holds the engine head to the block. The bike is shimmering in the evening sunlight, it's potential energy aching to convert and escape as kinetic energy. The carburettor has been cleaned with petrol, the control cables have been checked and double checked, the oil level in both oil tanks is at the maximum safe level, the battery has been charged, the wiring harness is brand new, the CDI and plug also sparkling new. The painstaking attention to detail in the design of this bike, and the thought applied to its paint job, the chrome and detailing is bordering on ridiculous. For all this, it's a very sober looking piece of machinery. Black where its not chrome, and chrome where its not black. Not a very complicated design you would think....and you would be far off the mark. From the deliberately askew positioning of the speedometer(angled just right to flow seamlessly from the headlight to the handlebar), to the matte black paint job on the wheel drums, to the wicked sparkly red on black petrol tank and the agonisingly chromed engine head and buffed fins, this bike has been rebuilt from the ghastly piece of machinery it was, to a no-nonsense thrilling speed machine. 

 The exhaust note is distincive, and promises to scream out in fury when the throttle is opened up. That though, is a month or so away. Running in this new engine will be a labour of love, and will teach you patience. For now though, you need to scrub off the grease and oil from a day at the workshop, head back home, and patiently wait for the day your bike is ready to run.

Update: This is actually related to an earlier post (thanks ArKev) where I posted about my new (old) Yamaha. Find it (with pics) here.


ArKev said...

hey which bike is this ?
btw, I wish a day comes in my life too when I could be with my bike by 5pm on a weekday :)

sriku said...

Haha, trust me, once the rebuild bug bites you, work, life, family everything will take a back seat to wrenching. This is actually a continuation (ramble) to an earlier post titled "The return", where I posted about a Yamaha Rx135 4 speed that I bought and have been rebuilding. You can find it at

ArKev said...

okay, now I follow :) Great hobby! wish you good luck for the end product!
P.S. Keep us updated :)

sriku said...

Linked back to you (grateful for blogrolling me dude...thanks)

Pics, videos in the next RX update for sure..!

The tech note a day blog is very promising, will keep an eye on your posts...