Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome

My first post from google's new open source browser, Chrome.
Built using the Apple open source webkit framework, and with a snazzy javascript multi threaded processing engine, with promises to increase page load speeds by just implementing multi threaded rendering and processing, this browser aims to conquer. They can do no evil, they stormed the search engine world, their labs are giving Bill Gates nightmares, and they will rule the internet with the launch of this browser. It is honestly much faster (16x faster javascript processing than IE7, Sun sider told me). It comes with loads of builtin features, sandboxes individual tabs, makes blogging/bookmarking/googling super easy and is by far the cleanest UI you will see.

Go for it here. The auto updates, and google's rights to data mined from your internet usage should not deter most of us from installing and using chrome. After all, "They can do no evil".

Update: Sucks that chrome cant load, but i'll live with it till they update. Oh and btw, chrome auto updates each time, without asking ya.
The browser's Terms of use are also pretty interesting, and have been updated now, go read about that here.


ArKev said...

Hey thanks for that review. I am goin to try it soon. Btw, why so much stress on "They can do no evil" .. U never know :-)

sriku said...

for more info, go watch

so much information, so much responsibility, we trust google with our entire online profile, interestingly, the conspiracy theories I've heard all assume that data profiling is already happening. Maybe some people have insider info.