Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chennai Racetrack MMSC beckons!

So, its been all quiet on the motorcycling front. Easy to put that down to loads of work, not enough time and also the intense onslaught of the monsoon here. However, that hasn't stopped me from riding out before, and I'm a bit perplexed as to why it has this time. I guess, I'm just growing lazier than before, perhaps sedentary is an apt way to describe this. Although I have a feeling that a nice long ride will be very welcome to blast the cobwebs from my mind, I guess it will happen when it does. For now though, I am preparing the scrambler for its first outing at the track, with an upcoming trackday scheduled for August 15,16 at Chennai's iconic MMSC race track. Track days have always been great fun, with all my previous track days happening at the Kari motor speedway at Coimbatore with a fun bunch of riders from the Kawasaki Ninja 650 brotherhood to which I belong. Though I sold my Ninja 650 last year to get the Ducati Scrambler, once you're in the Ninja brotherhood, there's no getting out. And honestly, I wouldn't want to distance myself from this stellar bunch of motorcycle mad petrolheads, who are quite literally the best bunch of guys to spend a few days trackside with. All the track sessions are incredibly intense and also fun, but the off-track banter and camaraderie is a very welcome distraction from the regular mundane existence.
I will update this blog with a post containing several pictures from this trackday, and a report of the entire experience. As it is my first time at the Chennai track, it will take me many sessions to get to grips with the track layout, only after which will I be able to push myself and the bike to any good laps. However, it is all a labor of love, and I look forward to it! Also, we have been promised a nice time in Chennai, with the guys there eager to treat us to their hospitality. I have no doubt that they will take good care of us. I am getting street tyres for the scrambler this week, as taking the bike with the semi knobby Pirelli MT60 tyres to a race track is a very bad idea. Although the Pirelli's give great grip on tarmac, they are a 70-30 balance of road and off-road tyres, not perfectly suited for the blemish-free tarmac of a racetrack. So, onwards and upwards we go towards August and a good time at the Chennai track! Here's hoping there are no untoward incidents and we make it back in one piece, motorcycle and man both.