Monday, March 6, 2017

Quieter, more sober, why should that be surprising.

So I have been at the receiving end of the barb that many of my close friends have stuck in my side regarding me becoming a much quieter, more somber version of my previos supposed mirthful and over the top nature. This fact may have some merit, after all, nobody goes through life being the same person they were when they started out. There is bound to be an evolution, a maturing of sorts. And if my own has made me this way, it is probably the result of life experience that has made me this way. And to be honest, I see no problem in it. Why should there be alarms raised if a fellow, dealing with life's interminable ups and downs, decides to put his head down and simply get to the task of surviving the roller coaster ride. Sure, there may be others who take a different approach, possibly becoming even more gregarious than they were previously, and they might achieve a modicum of success in their approach as well. However, such is not my approach, and I believe my approach has its own merits as well. Not to say that I have become a recluse or a hermit or anything like that. But I simply choose more carefully my engagements with the social world that surrounds me. And use my prudence to engage when I deem it convenient and suitable. And I for one, see nothing wrong with my approach. Why should there be an overwhelming reaction from any party that finds this inappropriate or surprising is beyond my reasoning. Is there something amiss, something I may be missing? Well, I do not think so, but feel free to disagree! It being a free country where persons are free to their own opinions and approaches, including me.