Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My mind's stuck in a time warp

A quick post after a while, the standard excuses apply, too much work, no time to breathe, its been like hack, hack, hack, breathe, breathe, blink, hack, hack, get the drift. However, I'm excited. My friend is getting married this weekend, and his bachelor party is tomorrow. How can that not be fun, eh!

Its funny, because I've known this guy since school (thats more than 10 years back!! damn time flies!), and I have this impression in my head that we're still as young as we were then. It's something about friends that you've known for ages, every time you're with them, you feel like you're still as young as you were, and that life is still out there waiting for you. Too bad that its all an illusion. Time has gone by, making a swishing when someone pulls the metaphoric carpet from under your feet...swish, that second one was just for effect. It's weird when you see your 20 year old friend, and instead of seeing a smart, well-adjusted, pretty young woman, your mind tricks you into seeing that bespectacled, slightly nerdy school girl in the red and white checkered uniform, with pigtails and braces. This kind of thing happens all the time to me. My perception of some of my closest friends remains stuck in a time warp. And I have to kinda pinch myself to wake up, and realize the facts for what they are. I have to force my mind to sort of create a new save-point for a lot of these characters in my life, explicitly remembering their current status in life.

So you get what I'm saying right. The next time you meet that old buddy from school, don't start acting and thinking like a 15 year old...remember you're a lot older, a little wiser, and so is he or she.


GS said...

LOL :)

I feel the same way...I know I am kinda a catalyst in all of this :p Pigtails and braces...reminds me of someone who's name I call out loud in the throes of drunkenness :p

Too funny :p

sriku said...

that's partially correct, however although these thoughts have been happening for a while, only just began to notice them recently :)