Monday, July 9, 2007

Do you hate your mom's best friend's brother's son-in-law?

The way the world works is, you work like a dog until your very last ounce of energy is exhausted, but your rewards will seem insignificant as compared to your mom's best friend's brother's son-in-law who managed to hit the jackpot with some enterprise, speculates on international stock markets and lets his money earn more money for him, while he sips bloody pina-coladas under the californian sunshine. And after you ask the almighty, 'Why him...why not me? I am an expert at doing nothing! I've got it down to an art form!', you curse yourself for being a tad ungrateful. After all, you're living the good life as well, at least the middle-class version of it. So you can't afford that lexus just yet, so a third of your salary is all you're able to spend on yourself, so your social presence won't exactly be missed at the upcoming grammies or emmies or whatever thingummies. You belong to that respectable class of today's youth, who have everything they need, and most of the things they want. But does this knowledge make you feel any better? I bet it doesn't now, does it? Thats the trouble with being, er..umm...,
a normal, mature, independant, almost well adjusted, middle class youth in today's society. Everybody and his dog wants to soar through the proverbial skies, land in the sands of prosperity, or some other such poetic metaphor that induces voluntary regurgitation. Well, you also dream of better times. But along with those dreams, you are pretty certain that you're gonna achieve said dreams about 80% of the time...the other 20% you'll put down, well...shit happens, or some such non-poetic resignation. So what is the only sane, rational thing to do...not ranting on about how life is unfair, or why shit happens, and more specifically, why its happening to you more than other people...all you can do is keep sweating, keep working..keep doing what you think you must to survive. And then maybe, just maybe...after a while, people will bitch about you as being their mom's best friend's brother's son-in-law who's doing so well and making all of them look and feel like pond scum.

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