Monday, April 30, 2007


I make sure my gmail inbox displays 42 items (the answer to life, the universe and everything)
I always get on my bike from the left side
I do not use alarm clocks
I hate wearing a wrist watch
I use the mouse with my left hand, but the mouse keys are aligned as a normal right handed mouse
I hate email
I do not own any formal clothes or shoes(jeans and t-shirts-u gotta love em)
I love Mozart's violin concerto's
I hate boy band music
I really hate boy bands
I love big band music
I hate listening to music with the ceiling fan turned on
I have to read a book before I sleep
I carry around a tiny notepad and pencil...everywhere
I hate talking on the mobile
I like sms's
I think shaving is a waste of time
I hate shave gels..prefer the brush and soap ritual
I sing in the shower
I love goa
I hate madras
I forget...every date/appointment/event and need somebody to remind me...always
I remember... the first time i rode a bicycle
I write poetry
I love my bikes
I hate cars (coffins on wheels)
I hate mumbai traffic
I curse..under my breath
I think men and women can never learn to get along
I think i should stop here...


shreya said...
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shreya said...

oh god, you've been posting all these days?! i kept seeing that stupid visual DNA and thinking you hadn't! take it off! aargh, now so much reading to catch up with! i give up. anyway, nice one, this one. i talk to myself in the taxi. and i hate leaving office alone (need company; even if to travel with in the lift).

(and i have to write in lowercase on blogspot - as you may have realized if you get your comments by e-mail).

rearset said...

Discovered your blog while trawling through technorati. Your blog is very, very good! I am glad to have found it, you are already part of my Google Reader morning and I cannot wait for more posts.

And I might just do a confessions series of my own soon. When that does happen (notice the if is already history), you were the inspiration.