Monday, April 2, 2007

Bike pics

The stripped bullet is Mario's (mechanic at Bandra reclm) work in progress. He's just painted it and shortened the swing arm, removed all unnecessary cabling, shortened the front fork angle, removed the front fairing and headlamp assembly, trying to give this bike an old school chopper look.

The red devil is Vicky's RD350. This dude has a spare engine at home to pull parts from, and somehow managed to break his gear-lever, and was trying to convince me that the bike has automatic gearing...April fools and all that...too bad it didn't work, it might have on someone else.
I like both bikes...but Mario has an old bullet, single seater,100cc,hard tail 1919 model...which I couldn't take a pic of, but I will see, I intend to own her.

Here are my own beauties, my Bull and her city cousin- the Kinetic GF 125.

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Good, Keep it up