Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spending spree!

Woaahhh.... I'm spending more money this week than I've ever spent, heres a listing:
1. Hyderabad trip on Friday night until Monday (probably 4-5k)
2. Sony Vaio VGN-C25G/B laptop (70k) Woo Hoo!!
3. Air tickets to Bangalore and back for the Aerosmith concert (5k) Aero Force One!!! here i come!
4. Concert tickets (2k)

Grand Total: 82+k, all in a span of 3 days....headspin happening!

Pics of the laptop will be in the next post, concert snaps later, and am gonna be grinning from 7 pm tonight for a loooong time cuz my next post will be from the vaio !!!

Blame it on the love...of bits and bytes!

Ok let me stop before I start sounding like a nerd on a caffeine OD.
Sane posting shall resume in a week or so..once the headspin wears off...


shreya said...

hey!!! i thought aerosmith was coming to bombay!!! they're not?!?!?! oh my god!

sriku said...

nope, no bombay concert. Book your aerosmith ticket online at asap! this is the concert of a lifetime! second only to a springsteen/rolling stones concert...or pussycat dolls :)

shreya said...

are the 1,800 ones the best tickets???

sriku said...

there's an all-access backstage pass as well, but lets just say I don't earn enough moolah for that right now:)

shreya said...

yeah, i saw that on the aerosmith official website! i want! i am seeing if i can go right now...will know in a couple of days!

hey, btw, you still haven't told me your official full name! :)

rearset said...

's a hell of a lot less head spinning than running up a similar bill and realising that all you've got is a microwave (to heat food), a fridge (to cool it down afterwards) and a washing machine (to wash out the stains... I'm clumsy).